6 comments on “Sympathetic

  1. I have a lot of thoughts on this, partly because L called me out ;). But I'm going to email them. Not because I think they should be private, but mostly because my thoughts are too muddle for a coherent comment. But, in short, I think it's more about approachable vs. intimidating. More to come.

  2. I'm enjoying reading your blog.  As a blogger, I get the idea of wanting an audience and wondering how I could connect.  I have refrained from pictures for the most part on my blog, because I want people to really read me and really like me,   I haven't paid for sex in a long time.  My main proclivity was strippers, but I did make the jaunt to Nevada for prostitutes a couple of times — my own legalistic desires to remain lawful.  So you asked what I see when I read you.  So far, I'm seeing two things, granted I've only read a little bit.  First you seem to be honestly addressing your sexual desire with some ambiguity, so that makes what your write refreshing.  Second, I think that male desire, especially when it is overflowing, intimidates people.  It isn't personal, just that the dominant approach makes people feel uncomfortable and not safe.Granted, these could be my own narcissistic reflections, but I think the intimidation factor comes from a sexuality that is by its nature dominant.  Look forward to reading more. 

  3. Thanks for your kind words. I think you're on to something in the concept of "overflowing" desire – that part of what is intimidating for others is what's so challenging to me – my desire is POWERFUL, it's not something I master. So many people write from a position of relative strength vis-a-vis their desire, but I've spent a lot of time under my desire's control, and that's a bit scary. I'm not sure how much this has to do with my being a man, and how much simply to do with the fact that I'm someone who has been truly powerless over sex, and that's a scary abyss for anyone to look over.Keep reading, keep commenting – thanks!

  4. N.  I cited your blog on paying for sex over on mine today because I was on this whole male dominance kick today — Valentine's day rebellion?  I look forward to more similar conversations.  Now I have to go work to make some green.

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