9 comments on “My origin myth–an alternate, and abbreviated, telling

  1. N Likes,Thanks for that post.  I feel like you are opening up a lot more.  Not just the easy stuff like sex, but the hard stuff.Good job and keep at it.Sss

  2. On the first question, that's – frankly – not something I have any particular desire to discuss in this blog, except occasionally. On the second – no, no we don't.

  3. A raw and honest post. You could have made it longer, I'm sure there's more detail in this story to be bring out, and I would have valued reading it. Glad to hear you worked things through!

  4. I think if you read elsewhere in the thread, you'll find LOTS more detail – in this one, I was really just trying to lay out an alternative way of telling a very complex story….Thanks for your compliments, and well wishes.

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